Simple Test for Risk to Brain

I would like to  share a simple test with you which you can perform right in your home which will help you determine your risk for runaway inflammatory brain injury. The brain is normally protected by the blood brain barrier so that toxins infectious organisms or any other junk that might be in the blood cannot get into the brain. Unfortunately, we’re beginning to learn that many things compromise the blood brain barrier and the results can be devastating. In my previous post I shared that researchers are now finding that simple cell phone usage can cause a leaky blood brain barrier. For a better description of the blood brain barrier follow this link.

In order to test the integrity of your blood brain barrier all you need is to or three capsules or tablets of GABA. GABA is a substance commonly found in health food stores which people take to relieve anxiety and help them sleep. The problem is that GABA does not cross the healthy blood brain barrier. All those people who take GABA and it helps them actually have a leaky blood brain barrier and are at grave risk of neurodegenerative brain damage.  If you take two or three capsules of GABA and feel any different whatsoever than it is probable you have a leaky blood brain barrier.

I have heard a wide range of symptomatic reports from people taking the GABA challenge. Some people feel relaxed and sleep better. Some people feel anxious or weird. The best case scenario is you feel no different.

If you take the GABA challenge and feel better or worse, then I highly recommend you quickly do something to improve your health. There are many things to consider under these circumstances. However, the supplements I typically use to restore the blood brain barrier are the ones I mentioned in my previous post about cell phone usage. they include NeuroFlam, glutathione recycler, nitric balance, Neuro 02 and exceptional quality DHA. There are, however additional important things to consider which are best handled in our office.

if you or your loved ones have taken the GABA challenge and felt better or worse or would prefer to take the challenge under supervision, please do not hesitate to contact our office where you can find help.

Blessings, Dr. Tom

Texting – while not driving – may be better for your brain

There have been many reports over recent years questioning whether or not cell phones can cause brain cancer. I know that my brother, after a period of heavy cellphone usage for many years, had an aggressive skin tumor removed from his side of his head right where he typically held his phone. This is pretty convincing to me that the issue should not be easily dismissed. Unfortunately, like the question of whether vaccines cause autism, the question being asked is probably posed inappropriately. It is probable that some people are more vulnerable to these changes than others. Recent research on cell phone usage indicates that the radio frequencies from the antenna appear to disrupt the blood brain barrier for up to 14 days after two hours of cell phone exposure. Even slight disruption to the blood brain barrier is capable of significant brain cell damage. Interestingly, the investigators indicate that they detected brain cell damageat 28 and 50 days after exposure but not at 14 days.

Whereas, it is true, that no one has proven cell phones cause brain cancer, research has established convincingly that they pose a relative risk.   There are several very important interventions which can mediate the potential damage of cell phone use.

1) texting instead of talking keeps the antenna further from your brain

2) supplementing exceptional quality DHA fish oil and certain antioxidants can go a long way toward protecting you from the ravaging effects of brain inflammation as well as helping restore the integrity of the blood brain barrier.some of the supplements we carry which are most beneficial in this area include NeuroFlam, Nitric Balance, Glutathione Recycler, and Neuro 02.

3) in addition texting instead of talking and taking nutritional supplements, it is extremely important to reduce your risk by managing your blood sugar and staying free of any kind of infection.

4) and because I’d rather be a fun guy than a fungi, I must add that having fun, and lots of it, really helps to reduce the potential for runaway inflammation which can lead to brain cell damage. So I highly recommend lots of laughter and fun.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for help from our office if you have any concerns about managing your health, to increase your resilience against inflammatory degeneration, infections, blood sugar dysregulation or any other health concern you or your loved ones may have.

Sincerely, Dr. Tom

American Doctors Regularly Issue Placebos

Amazingly, I ran across an article from October 2008 describing the results of a survey from the US National Institute of Health which randomly sampled 1,200 internists and rheumatologists (arthritis doc’s). The survey found that 62% of the 697 doctors who responded believed it was ethical to give a placebo treatment and all but 5% would not inform the patient that the treatment was fake. Further, most medical doctors used actual prescription drugs to fool their patients. 41% used painkillers, 38% used vitamins, 13% used antibiotics, 13% used SEDATIVES, 3% used saline (salt water) INJECTIONS and 2% used actual sugar pills.

I have to wonder if this accounts for the rare times when I hear a patient say their MD recommended a vitamin! I wonder how to reconcile this with the objections against natural medicine not being evidence based.

By the way. I am very interested in the placebo effect. And am very impressed that it is almost as effective as most prescription drugs on the market. I do however object to deception, especially when dealing with the precious spark of life and find it doubly objectionable that they would use drugs with a long laundry list of potentially dangerous side effects to dupe their patients into feeling better. This is an example of bad medicine.

FDA failure threatens new Unnecessary Supplement regulations

Recently, the FDA failed to reject a product called “Lazy Cakes” which was laced with large amounts of melatonin and violated the current GRAS standards (Generally Recognized As Safe).  The FDA wants new registration and labeling requirements on supplements which is likely only to add more burdens and is another example of unnecessary legislation.  The FDA has been exposed as beholding to Big Pharma, which funds them, in part, with their $1 billion on average drug approval process.  A process regarding which nutritional supplements are currently not required.  This has created a bias which many believe is obvious against nutritional supplements.  Moving supplements out from under the FDA and under Health and Human Services would be a sensible solution.

Last week, the House of Reps passed the Agriculture Funding Bill, which cut the FDA’s budget by $285 Billion.  Hopefully this may reduce the amount of nonsensical Frankenfish type approvals and reduce their desire to create an everincreasing job-load which they have here-to-for been ineffective at enforcing.

Modern Menace – Get tested FREE

Helicobacter Pylori is the most common infection in the world, estimated to effect 50% of the worlds population at any given point in time.

It is known to be the cause of the majority of stomach ulcers and is the most likely cause of all acid reflux/GERD as well as a prominent cause of low stomach acid.

When pathologists perform biopsies on clots taken from clogged arteries and investigate what is in gallstones, they find H. Pylori and other gut bugs.

Unfortunately, most doctors never test for H. Pylori, in spite of treated related conditions.

The most accurate tests to determine whether someone is infected with H. Pylori is a stool test or the UREA Breath test.  Blood tests are more likely to miss the infection due to a high level of false negatives.  Biopsies can find the infection only if the infection is in the spot they check.

The cheapest way to screen for an H. Pylori infection is a blood-spot IgG antibody test.  I purchased a case of these kits last year.  I haven’t used many because they often give false negative results and this is an important infection to rule out with more dependable methods.

However, my case of test kits have a 5/2011 expiration date.  They still show they are valid, so…I am offering FREE H. PYLORI SCREENING TESTS for anyone who wants them until these barely expired kits are gone.  I have ~20 kits.

Results only take about 10 minutes and require a finger prick blood sample.  I have the snazzy spring-loaded lancets which you barely feel.  This is a $25 value for FREE!

I feel strongly that people with any digestive distress, reflux, poor or incomplete digestion, excessive gas, GERD or people who allow their pets to lick their face ( a common method of aquiring the infection) get tested.  People easily spread this infection by kissing each other on the mouth or by drinking or eating after one another.  This means that if you or someone you kiss has the infection, you and the ones you kiss should be evaluated and if infected, treated.

Although standard medical treatments for H. Pylori infections involve a triple antibiotic prescription which is only 80% effective, natural supplements seem to do a much better job at eradicating this infection and also seem to offer less occurrences of re-infection due to incomplete results.


Dr. Tom

Meet the Chiropractic Neurologist

Dr. Tom Gross holds fully accredited Fellowships from the American College of Functional Neurology and the American College of Childhood Developmental Disorders.  He also holds fully accredited Diplomate status from the American Chiropractic Neurology Board beyond his nationally certified doctorate in Chiropractic.  Functional Neurology is quickly becoming the conservative treatment of choice and often helps where medications and surgery have failed without the potentially serious side effects.  Functional Neurology excels in Painful conditions of the body as well as headaches, Neuropathy, ADD/ADHD and other childhood conditions such as Dyslexia, OCD and Autism, balance and dizziness problems, cognitive decline and early dementia, sports and performance enhancement, poor circulation.

Dr. Gross is a highly skilled in the field of Functional Neurology as well as Functional Health and brings deep insights into health through his broad appreciation for how the many functions of the body interact to sustain health and wellness or to allow the progression through sub-optimal health towards disease.

Dr. Tom Gross is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist and is highly trained in the field of Functional Health, with areas of special training including both male and female Hormone Related Disorders, Thyroid Disorders, Adrenal Disorders, Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Immune System Disorders, Autoimmune Disorders, Inflammatory Disorders, Bone Health issues, Digestive problems, Acid Reflux, Toxicity and Detox related problems, Fatique and metabolic problems, poor circulation, sports and performance related as well as preventive nutrition and dietary improvement.

Dr. Tom Gross is also nationally certified in Biofeedback, especially as it pertains to neurological function emplying brain based biofeedback, called Neurofeedback.  This allows him to assess Brain Based as well as Stress related problems and improve stress related health challenges tremendously.  Biofeedback is profoundly successful with Migraine Headaches as well as many other forms of headaches.  Biofeedback improves the nervous systems ability to self regulate which explains why it can improve just about any kind of health related problem.  Biofeedback is also extremely helpful for poor circulation, sports and performance related problems and should be the treatment of choice for Stress.

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